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A journey into our hearthland Discounted Investment

A journey into our hearthland Discounted Investment


A year-long exploration of Nature’s Calendar. Together, we will gather, on an earth floor, around a fire, within a directional, elemental, and sacred roundhouse, on the land where I live. To hand make items for adorning the wall of your home, or hearth, at each of the 8 seasonal gateways in the cycle of the year. Co-facilitated by Tal Brener and Debbie Rayner, this 8 session journey begins at Imbolc and continues until the Winter Solstice, enabling us to witness the transitional exchange between the Sun and Moon throughout the turning of the wheel.

4pm to 6pm

Crafting for Imbolc : January 27th

Crafting for Spring Equinox : March 2nd

Crafting for Beltane : April 20th

Crafting for Summer Solstice : June 15th

Crafting for Lughnasa : July 13th

Crafting for Autumn Equinox : September 21st

Crafting for Samhain : October 12th

Crafting for Winter Solstice : November 30th

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