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Rites of passage : Meno Pause

An exploration of this sacred pause in the feminine life cycle, co-facilitated by Tal Brener and Herbalist, Frances Hambly. Menopause is an initiation into becoming who we really are, a self realisation, revelation and transmutation of our inner wisdom, intuition, gifts and truth. An evolutionary process, the Meno Pause is a place of magescence, sacred sanctuary, awakening and opportunity; the gestation in which to prepare for the rebirth ahead. Receptivity to the messages, or “symptoms”, which arise in the body during this transition, is the gold, the medicinal potency of the journey. During this evening we will gather with 10 Women in a roundhouse on land adjacent to the Ashdown Forest, East Sussex, to remember and reclaim the teachings about how to prepare for, listen to and enjoy this moment in our lives.

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