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A journey into our heartland

A Journey into our heartland is a co-facilitated and year-long exploration of the women’s wheel. Together, 9 women will travel around this sacred map, learning its gifts, wisdom and magic along the way. 9 gatherings take place on the land, around a fire, below the sky, above a natural stream of water and on an earth floor, all of which is contained within a sacred Roundhouse adjacent to the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex, England. This deeply immersive elemental, cyclical and nature based experience is for women of any age who feel called to reconnect to themselves, to others, to their ancestors, to their families, and to the inner wisdom and power of the sacred feminine.

The journey includes an exploration of:


· the women’s wheel

· the cyclical nature of women

· deeper connection to earth, ourselves and each other

· menstrual cycle charting

· rites of passage: birth, menarche, menopause, death

· the feminine and the masculine

· ritual

· embodied practice

· feminine meditation: handwork and craft

· the seasonal festivals

· drum journeying

· ceremony

· transformation

· our inner wisdom

· the feminine archetypes

· the magic of being in circle

· the lunar cycle

· sisterhood

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