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Triskele Paint Palettes

These artist’s watercolour paint palettes, handmade in small batches, embody the sacred and loving relationship between place, substance and spirit. The Triskele is the sign of Hermes Trismegistus, Thrice Great, who presides over the alchemical arts. In this tradition, as in all Wisdom traditions, everything is interconnected. The colours, metals and minerals from which these paints derive have unique planetary correspondence. Locally sourced ochres, associated with Mars, embody the strength and courage of Iron. Copper-rich minerals; Malachite, Azurite and Verdigris, associated with Venus, bring a celestial and mysterious energy. An essential alchemist’s tool, the mortar and pestle, breaks open the material. After washing and purifying, the pigment is further ground on glass or granite with a paint-maker’s muller. Here, mixed with binder of acacia gum and honey, it is carefully dripped into handmade ceramic palettes. This is dried before more is added, in layers, giving each segment slight variations just as the layers in the stones and earth from which they are made. 

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