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The Lunisolar Calendar

For our Ancestors, time was measured by the Moon and the Sun and together they were the sacred container for the cycle of the Year. A Moon and Sun, or Lunisolar, Calendar follows the phases of the Moon and the Seasons. It is one of the oldest calendars in existence, charting the duality and polarity of both the Feminine (Moon) and the Masculine (Sun). The Lunisolar Calendar for 2023, begins and ends with the Dark Moon in the 'Moonth', or Moon Month, of the Winter Solstice; the darkest point on Nature’s Calendar of the Year. During this time there are 14 lunation’s; the moon’s synodic stages, and 8 seasonal festivals. As in the Celtic tradition, each lunar month is named after a British native tree. From the 40 calendars available, all uniquely feature hand painted details from locally sourced natural handmade paints. Using the Lunisolar Calendar offers a deepening connection to the Moon and Sun as a method of charting the passage of time.

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